MMN provides grants to Christian missionary organisations that have medical missionary links in other parts of the world and these are often paid through intermediary missionary support agencies. 

As part of their course work, UK medical students will often spend a few months overseas working in a mission hospital and MMN seeks to encourage such by supporting them financially or by providing medical aids to assist them in their work and studies while abroad. Similarly, MMN also sponsors medics and medical students from overseas in their studies and also by invitation to health courses and missionary conferences.

Shipping Containers are sent to the countries of Angola, Malawi, Moldova and Zambia. Where items are unobtainable locally MMN are able to receive donated goods and equipment specific to the practical needs associated with medical mission and as identified by the missionaries themselves. 

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Donated goods must be securely packaged in boxes (which can be subject to random opening for risk and security purposes) and the destination and contents should be clearly identified. MMN cannot accept “personal” goods, and a general contents label of, for example "toiletries" will suffice.

We are very grateful to the many supporters of the work who have, for many years, purchased and donated medicines to mission hospitals overseas. However, in order to comply with recent government legislation, Medical Missioanry News can now only obtain medicines directly from licensed suppliers and consequently we are no longer able to receive donated medicines from any other source.

If a donor includes their name and address inside the package then most missionaries will return a letter of thanks. Any correspondence for the MMN office should be sent under separate cover. MMN also purchases goods on behalf of missionaries.

We are very grateful to the many individuals, churches, trusts, and missionary groups/workshops that supply, through MMN, the required materials and funding. 

Visitors wishing to deliver goods to Wickford are always welcome but please give at least two days’ notice of arrival.

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