The country of Zambia holds a special place in the history of Medical Missionary News. The MMN medical fund, first established in 1922, has supported many of the Lord’s servants working in Africa, but the Zambian medical institutions and missionaries were the first to benefit. It was to Zambia in 1978 that the first MMN containers were sent and this form of practical support eventually extended to other African nations including, Angola, Chad, Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Nowadays, the methodology, scope and geographical spread of our support for medical mission has widened, details of which are included in the links below.     

Missions We Support


Angola Literature Fund

The Angola Literature Fund was established in September 1998 with the aim of furthering the Christian gospel, providing literature and making the Bible available in Angola. Over the years since the Fund has been established it has been able to equip and maintain two small printing works in Luanda, the capital, and in Saurimo, capital of the Lunda Sul province. Under the direction of Brian and Debbie Howden MMN assists this work by facilitating the warehousing and shipment to Angola of the required literature and printing aids and at the beginning of 2015 30,000 Chokwe Bibles were sent out; one of the major languages of Eastern Angola.

Luena Clinic

Luena is an important town on the railway line which runs through the middle of Angola from the Atlantic to the Congolese border. It has a long history of medical mission work, conducted by workers from UK and Canada, which was interrupted by Angola’s civil war. Since the ending of hostilities a team of medical workers including Doctors Juan and Adriana Palacios from Argentina have most commendably revived the work and MMN supports them through the provision of medical aids.


Bethesda Hospital, Cotonou,

The elders of Komiguea, a village ten kilometres north from the major town of Parakou in Benin Republic, gave a free gift of over three hectares of land in 2003. With funding from Christian Blind Mission and with a set of architect’s drawings Dr Andrew Potter oversaw the construction of a thirty-two bed eye hospital. It was opened at the end of 2005. For the previous nine years the eye clinic had been housed in the nearby church hospital. 

Mouvement Interconfessionel de developpement Eau Vive (MIDEV)

MIDEV is a cultural association created in the 1990’s to meet the urgent needs of people in Tulear Madagascar, and today more specifically in Benin. Dr Briand Tatford, founding member of MIDEV, recalls his first contact with the people in Benin:

“The hospital ship ‘ANASTASIS’ has already been in Cotonou for several days, with on board a medical team taking part in a campaign to inform people and carry out surgical operations on people who needed it in Benin. One day a group of people came to me and nearly “kidnapped” me and took me to Cotonou to teach counselling to 150 very keen pastors. The improvised course lasted all week end. At the end of it, three very motivated pastors came to ask if I could help them: they had plans to open a bible school for the pastors as well as a small hospital. They took me to the location to show me what they had: the bible school was a small hut no bigger than a garage for one car and the hospital was a bare piece of land with a well in the middle from which they were hoping to draw water. “Can you help us?” would they repeat insistently. I was very surprised to hear myself say “Yes, by faith” when obviously the reason was saying No. Back in Europe, I had been thinking and praying for this project when I met a surgeon named Fred Holmes while attending a missionary congress in Wiedernest, Germany. He had worked with my sister-in-law in a hospital in Nazareth. One of the first questions he asked me was: “Do you know of any French-speaking country in Africa which needs help from a Medical Missionary organisation?” and this is how the relationship with Medical Missionary News, which has helped us so much, commenced.”



Dr Ann Fursdon

Ann Fursdon has worked for many years in medical mission under the auspices of Africa Inland Mission, first in Kenya, then in Chad. For several years she was based at the rural mission hospital in Bebalem in south west Chad, overseeing the work of nearly forty village health centres, For most of those years she was the Chief Medical Officer for the hospital which provides surgical, medical, and a developing psychiatric ministry. In recent months she has moved to work among children much further north to a region in which Chad Arabic is the local language.


Lubumbashi Deaf Schools

In this capital of Katanga province, whose population in forty years has grown from 300,000 to over a million, medical and social services are stretched. Rachel Newby, has co-operated with Congolese Christians to pioneer a number of medical and social services. Supported by MMN, Rachel runs a school for the deaf which is a particularly significant contribution to the Congolese socio-medical infrastructure. This school enables children who would otherwise be on the margins of society due to their deafness to be educated to a high standard and therefore then able to take their place in society. After completing their schooling they are able to go on to do further training in carpentry and sewing.

Kasaji Hospital

Kasaji Hospital was founded over sixty years ago. For almost forty of those years Dr Peter Coates was medical superintendent. As he approached retirement, he trained a newly-qualified young Congolese Christian doctor, who felt called to serve God and his people with his medical skills, to take over the work, which he has now been doing faithfully for fifteen years.

Katoka Hospital

Fifty miles to the west of Kasaji, towards the Angolan border, is Katoka with its 180-bed hospital. Having never had a doctor, it has been run for almost fifty years by nurse-midwife Mary Ratter of Whitley Bay.  Quality affordable medical care is extremely limited for vast areas within the province and the hospital meets a real need in providing general, maternity, and paediatric services, saving lives in the process. Surgical and difficult obstetric cases are sent to Kasaji. There is also a good evangelistic outreach from the hospital.


Torch Trust for the Blind

This organisation is a Christian Fellowship where sighted and blind people meet together. Over 100 groups meet on a monthly basis throughout the UK. It is also an international organisation committed to sharing God’s love through words and actions. Torch Trust produces Christian reading material in braille, giant print, audio and electronic media. Specifically, MMN supports this ministry in Malawi and helps facilitate the sending of aid through the container work.

Niger Delta

New Foundations Christian Medical Mission

The New Foundations Christian Medical Mission is now in its 13th year providing primary care programs and training local Community Health Workers in the marginalised communities of the Niger Delta, treating up to 6000 patients a year. Government clinics in this region are mostly without staff, and without maintenance gradually mulching down as the jungle reclaims them. New Foundations have renovated three and are starting the fourth, providing a simple clinic base, putting in a borehole, and some simple solar power. 2015 saw another container of equipment shipped for these clinics with support from Medical Missionary News. As a small Mission this support makes the difference between between a usable, properly equipped centre and something very much ‘make-do’. There is no available medical equipment locally to source so new beds, mattresses, and clinic furniture shipped from overseas has proved vital.


MMN's support for Zambia is primarily directed towards the mission hospitals and clinics associated with Christian Missions in Many Lands, a US missionary agency that was established in 1921 and which is a non profit, Christian faith-based service organization serving missionaries in cross-cultural missions overseas. The CMML mission hospitals and clinics receive supplies from MMN through the container operation and the main beneficiaries include: Chavuma, Chitokoloki, Dipalata, Loloma and Mambilima.

Other missionary organisations receiving support from MMN include:

Musenga Mission

Musenga Mission, Chingola is where the containers from MMN are received. Philip Grove has the responsibility of clearing them through customs and without his well established links with the authorities the shipment process to Zambia would be impossible. Philip also attends to many administrative issues on behalf of missionaries and also runs a scripture printing press. Philip's wife runs the Musenga Clinic. Their son Steve was born and brought up near Chingola, Zambia. Whilst training to be a sports teacher, he met his wife Jo, and they are now full-time mission workers back in Steve’s birthplace, spending part of their time teaching at Amano Christian School just up the road from their home. Steve also assists in the emptying and distribution of the MMN containers.

CMML Transport Service

This ministry of supporting mission workers across Zambia, not least those in medical work, through a transport and vehicle maintenance service is invaluable. Run by Steve and Muriel Studd and with the assistance of MMN a workshop and storage depot has been created near Chingola. Together they run trucks to transport goods (often MMN sent, sometimes procured in country) to a variety of mission stations in the country

Isubilo Clinic

Isubilo (the ChiBemba word for ‘hope’) started as a community centre for AIDS orphans in Ndola, the capital of the Zambian Copperbelt. The basic ministry has not altered, but it has expanded enormously over the years, with provision currently of both broader medical and social care and education. A mill to grind manioc or maize meal for the local population and also a developing market garden project are other features of the centre. Andy and Eira Patching set up the Isubilo project in Ndola over fifteen years ago. In the last two years they have handed it over to Zambian staff, with the support of a worker from USA, and they have moved to Sachibondu in NW Zambia, where Eira grew up, to re-invigorate the church and medical work there.

Wukwashi wa Nzambi (WWN)

Translated ‘Help from God’ in the Lunda language WWN is a growing school and community centre for physically disabled children, not an uncommon phenomenon in Africa due to a number of factors, including polio. With the day-to-day running in Zambian hands, it is supported by occupational therapist Becky Wright and her husband John from southern England.


Nyangombe Bible Training Centre was set up by Barry and Rachel Haigh and Les and Jean White to serve the needs of the many Christian fellowships in north west Zambia. Now it has developed other roles, including a carpentry training school and health centre. Gordon and Sybil McKillop served for many years in Congo and joined the Haighs and Whites at Nyangombe in 1999. Now children’s/ youth camps, Bible school, courses in carpentry, building, dressmaking, agriculture, IT, plus medical work, nutrition programs and HIV/AIDs education all exploit Gordon’s and Sybil’s training and skills.



The Hiding Place

The Hiding Place is a children’s home in Gjirokastër, Albania.The name of the home is based on the Bible, Ps.91:1: “He who dwells in the Shelter (“The Hiding Place”) of the Most High will rest in shadow of the Almighty.” Babies and children of various age groups (0-18) experience in this setting the safety of a home and the care of a family. Most of these children, who are abandoned by their mothers, stay until they are officially adopted. While in the home, they are continuously receiving Christian love, medical care and warmth. The work of the Hiding Place involves not only the care assiociated with bringing up of children but, most importantly, bringing about an awareness of a Heavenly Father and a loving Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Friendship Church in Russe

The lively growing congregation is committed to the needs of those around it. The medical care in that area is fragile, expensive and difficult for the poor to access. MMN assist the church by providing funding to be used to assist a primary care clinic attached to the church and those that the church sees as having an urgent and valid need for medical care or treatment. European Partners in Christ (EPIC) is a Christian Charity registered in the UK that facilitates the transmission of funds to Bulgaria.

Christian Witness to Israel

MMN supports medical needs identified by Stanislav, who works for Christian Witness to Israel, among elderly and needy Jewish inhabitants of Sofia. Only the poorer, elderly and often unwell remain and the medical care is difficult to access without funds with many of the elderly having mental health problems that are not prioritised by the medical authorities. Stanislav works with his local church and seeks to introduce people to Jesus.

Frontline Partnership

Frontline is a Christian registered charity based in Brentwood working with the disabled, particularly in Bulgaria with emphasis on Occupational Therapy. The Friendship Church in Russe (see above) has long worked with the disabled in the city and brings the Christian message to them. Some have become members of the church and progressed to higher education. The support given by MMN is used for the work with disabled in Russe, Bulgaria.


Moldova is an independent republic and part of the former Soviet Union. It is the poorest country in Europe and, particularly in rural areas, lacks most of what we would consider basic medical care.

Christian Mission International Aid (CMIAid)

CMIAid is a Christian organisation working in Eastern Europe countries (Romania, Moldova, Russia and Armenia) previously under communist rule. Based in Moldova,CMAid aims to provide practical care for the poor and those in desperate need. A five storey apartment block is being refurbished and will be used as a medical clinic, nursing home, post-operative care hospital and a coffee/book shop, among other things, and MMN has assisted in the equipping of this venture with the MMN premises at Wickford used to store goods and aid for eventual shipment there.

Emmanuel Christian Medical Centre

Working with Breadline (a UK Christian charity specialising in supporting Moldova) MMN’s support is earmarked for mobile clinics bringing care to villages and people who would otherwise be without it. Various specialists give of their time and work with the local congregation. On visiting one church an MMN trustee noted the congregation was mixed gender in young and old but only women of the working age were represented. The explanation was that the men were working abroad to send funds back home; an added strain on the social fabric of the villages. Linked to this, Emmanuel seeks to promote Christian Medical conferences to communicate their faith and ethics in a context of education and provision of training not otherwise available or affordable.


Mission Luke, Gilau

Just eighteen kilometres outside of the city of Cluj-Napoca, are a large number of poor families, many of them living in unfinished concrete block or wooden houses with poor insulation and badly fitting doors and windows. Unemployment is extremely high and many of these folk only earn occasional money seasonally by working the fields or by collecting mushrooms from the forest to sell back in the villages. Some of them have the opportunity to go and work for a month or two in a foreign country, usually picking, for example, fruit and vegetables. Unless they are disabled, there are no state benefits for unemployment and so many families live hand to mouth all the year round.

There is no National Health service in Romania and everything has to be paid for. Naturally, people neglect their health care as they have to prioritise the little money they have on food and paying utility bills. With the support of MMN and others Tim and Jenny Gooding have been able to support a number of people over the years with medical assistance for operations or treatment to remedy their health problems.


Child Aid

Child Aid works exclusively with children in Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Child Aid helps children who are abandoned, exposed to abuse, trapped in a cycle of violence or poverty or living with learning or physical disabilities. MMN has recently supported Child Aid to help ensure that the heinous barriers of corruption and poverty are swept away. For the children and families they serve in both western and eastern Ukraine, they ensure that only safe medicines are purchased, that funds are available to cover food and consumables and that above all the families have prayer partners and Spirit-led guidance for longer term care and support.


Le Pelican

A French couple, Jacques and Ariane, founded Le Pélican's centers and following a family bereavement dedicated their lives to helping needy children. After serving in Albania, they arrived in Afghanistan in 2000 to work for a humanitarian NGO that served the poor. As they worked, the couple observed the desperate plight of children on the streets and decided to start their own NGO to more effectively meet the needs of Afghanistan's impoverished children. Sadly, in November 2013 Jacques died of cancer after a short period of sickness. Sustained by her Christian faith Ariane has determined, with the support of MMN, to continue the work with new homes and feeding and educational programmes have been established.


Christian Missions Charitable Trust (CMCT)

CMCT ministers to the downtrodden, the destitute, the abandoned, the marginalized, and the sick through a range of services such as education, training, sponsorship, medical, food distribution, and accommodation. A holistic ministry, CMCT endeavours to develop and transform the individual as a whole to be better citizens of Chennai. CMCT’s flagship ministry is the Orphanage and Hostel run for girls. Housed in CMCT’s main building on Spur Tank road, it provides a safe haven for the abandoned or for those from very poor backgrounds.

The Soup kitchens provides a hot meal to the neglected elderly while the Everyday Girls and Boys Rallies ministers to the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the young. The Rainbow ministry of Hope demonstrates God's love to those affected by AIDS / HIV while the Leprosy Rehabilitation Project cares for those afflicted by a disease that still cruelly isolates and marginalizes. The Bethany Healthcare Centre provides a range of healthcare services often free of cost to those most in need while the Bethany School provides free nursery, primary and higher secondary schooling to children from underprivileged backgrounds.


Manara Ministries

Manra Ministries works among refugees from Iraq and Syria, many of whom have fled the atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Typically, they are able to provide hot meals, blankets, food packages and heaters for the winter months.. The need is increasing daily as the number of refugees grows.


Kunhar Christian Hospital

The hospital is based in a valley in the Himalayan foothills in Pakistan. From a small clinic it has now developed into a well-run and busy hospital providing medical care to a high standard. It is a mission hospital, staffed exclusively by Pakistani Christians serving a poor local population. In doing so, the staff exemplify Christian compassion and self-sacrifice

Flood Relief

Following the devastating floods in 2009 which led to loss of life, homes, animals and businesses, the “1toAnother” project was established. Initially it was to deal with the aftermath of the floods, but has since developed to include other ministries including the provision of affordable housing for impoverished Christians who are a small minority in an Islamic country.


Love into Action

Love into Action is a christian ministry making a difference to families affected by disability in the Palestinian Territories. They work directly with families who have a relative with a cognitive disability and help them to see the difference it can make to the whole family, when the disabled individual finds, and plays their part in, family life.  Often those affected by cognitive disabilities can be seen as a burden to their families, as there is very little expectation that they can do anything of any help.  All individuals have the ability to learn something, and so Love into Action raises the expectations of families and shows them the possible capability of their disabled relative. 


Developing Health Course, Oak Hill College, Southgate, London

The Developing Health Course, run by the Christian Medical Fellowship is a two week course on healthcare in resource-poor settings. The course provides a medical update for those already working overseas, preparation for those planning to go, networking and information for those exploring possibilities, lectures, practical skills workshops, tutorials and all of these set against a back drop of  Bible teaching, prayer and reflection.

Since 2008 MMN has sponsored and invited medics from around the world to attend and in June 2015 we were pleased to invite two Christian English speaking junior doctors from Dancu, Moldova. It was the first time they had visited England.

Stand by Me (formerly Kids Alive)

Stand by Me is a Christian charity whose aim is to ‘rescue‘ children in crisis and focus on the world’s most vulnerable children. It operates in the poorest countries including Burma, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Lebanon, Moldova, Nepal, Peru and Romania.